wine label museum  - special exhibition


Wineries, churches, vineyards:
The Rheingau in the mirror of its wine labels

This exhibition started in August 2006 and will last until August 2007

Please click on a label to get a detailed view of it

special exhibitions of the past:

Swiss artist wine labels
published by the gallery PAPIERS GRAS,
Geneva (CH)

wine label printers of the Pre-WWII period
presented above all by sample labels

Bully Hill Vineyards -
American wine labels of a special kind

Zeller Schwarze Katz and other velvet paws
Wine labels with cats on

The Swiss wine region Wallis/Valais
with regard to the grape variety

Liebfraumilch - A wine-type
in the mirror of its labels

Gutedel/Chasselas wine labels
from whole Europe

Where have they gone?
Vineyard names of the past
of the Markgraeflerland