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Thanks for having a look at my site.
On the following pages you will find what I call `nice stuff ` of the different kinds of labels
and other mostly paper related items as well as some stuff I have to offer such as

wine labels
liqour labels
hotel / luggage labels
cigar labels
various labels
chocolat wrappers
car brochures
hotel brochures
other stuff

Please note that all these items shown are (or at least have been) part of my collection
respectively of my stock.

Only the items on the offer pages are for offer.
I`m sorry but the items shown on the `nice items` pages are not for offer!!

This site is updated often, so please check back soon ;-)

Recent updates:    - wine labels: new SPECIAL EXHIBITON updated (08/12/06)
                           - wine labels: items for offer added (07/30/06)
                           - hotel / luggage labels: items/lots to offer added
                           - car brochures: items added, bigger pics available
                           - wine labels: items for offer added
                           - new `wanted` page
                           - hotel / luggage labels: nice items added